Members Dep. List

On this page can be found the details of paid up NBS Members who wish to let others know that they may be available to deputise or fill in short term in other bands.

Members can be listed as Deps for more than one instrument. Bands requiring Deps do not need to be NBS Members. If you are a paid up member enter your details here

Member Instruments Styles Contact Details
Stewart Aitken Bass Guitar Blues pop rock original 07703737014
Daniel Carway Guitar/Bass/Vocals Rhythm & Blues/Blues-rock 07736 317980
Daniel Earp Keys Rock and Blues 07899894319
Geoff Cooper Drums All styles. Blues a speciality 07973297192
Professional session drummer since 1977.
John Green Vocals Blues, rock, contemporary 01362694487
Malcolm Jackson Bass Guitar Most except reggae (!). 07960907999
Pancheto Spencer Vocals/Harmonica Blues/Rock/Soul 07778584656
Patrick O'Brien Bass Blues. Pop and rock from 50s to 70s 07770324054
Can’t slap or funk really
Marc Wells Guitar Blues, Rock, R&B
Trevor Staff Guitar and Vocals Blues, Soul, R&B, Funk, Disco, Roots 07772594017
Always open for guitar or vocal deps